Create the right video for the right audience

3 steps to improving your site content

Content Strategy

Where does video fit within your brand?

Creative Process

Researching your intended audience.

Measuring Success

Getting views of your video.

Distilled Content Matrix

How can video fit in to your content strategy?

Distilled produce this interesting Content Matrix graphic.

When brainstorming digital content ideas, think of the different functions your video content might have-:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Persuade
  • Convert

Are there holes in your existing content? Have you fully researched your unique selling point (USP)?

Do you need to create an emotional response or will it appeal to rational viewers?

How are you going to measure the success of your video?

Web Content Strategy

The Creative Process

Knowing your potential audience requires research. What is relevant to them? What are the demographics of your intended audience?

Relevancy is key to engagement. We examine techniques like generating personnas across the conversion funnel.

The Creative Process
Creative Ideas
Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Its a numbers game. Useful metrics to demonstrate ROI of your video project.

If your goal is increased brand awareness, you'll want to track "top of funnel" metrics. Number of views, number of impressions, number of website visitors, time spent on your website, and number of social shares are all good metrics to track.
If your goal is increased sales, you'll aim to follow a user from the time he or she engages with our video to the moment he or she clicks "buy". Tracking click-throughs, calls, signups, and conversion rates will be helpful here.

Measuring Success

Planning Your Video

Get Started

Think creatively, Incubate ideas, Brainstorm with others, Find ideas that stick because Nobody has as much insight into your business as you.

Refine Your Idea

Put yourself into your viewers shoes. What motivates them? What is your point of difference? Is there a gap in thier knowledge?

Document Your Idea

Download our Video Planning Guide. Go back and check if you are happy with your plan

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