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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are web videos used to help explain or sell an idea or product. The emphasis is on a visual explanation of something to educate, inform or sell.
They can include video or motion graphics or a combination of both.
One of the most compelling reasons to use an explainer video is that not everyone can do it well and people are generally very good judges of what makes a good video.

What makes a good Explainer Video?

Good Script

Thinking about the message what is going to said this is the initial planning stage and can be done using a storyboard.
Download our Video Planning Guide that includes a storyboard.

Keep it short

Arthur Millers' theory that people can remember +- 5 things also applies to video production - by keeping things short your message has a better chance of being remembered

Solve something

Marketers have been using physiology for some time many ways of engaging people is to ask them a question they feel compelled to answer or solve something for them.

Market to the habits of people - understand how people think

TV commercials will often use surprise to grab your attention and stand out from the population that will see 1000's of ads in a day.
We are creatures of habit.

Entertain - targeted to the intended audience

We need to engage the audience, whether it is for fun or a serious message

Quality audio - we are used to cinema productions

Audio is often the first noticeable thing an audience will pick up as being of poor quality. Getting good audio requires good equipment and software to enhance the sound.

Call to action

Web marketers know a good call to action form will produce good results. Videos should use the same techniques making people compelled to act.

An example Explainer Video and web page

Example Explainer VideoThis video solves a problem of how a split system air conditioner works

Notice how it is also combined on a page explaining a split system air conditioner and pops up without sending the visitor away. Avoid sending a visitor away from your selling machine.

This clearly helps the site gain sales and contacts as many visitors will simply click on contact us and complete the form.

There is a lot of information on that page yet it is viewed at a glance (scanned) and is effective in converting visitors - getting sales.